Lots of Birthday Love on Wednesday's Afternoon Show for April 5

Thursday, April 6th


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And I've won two big board three big non Big Three foot birdie down. Every season ended April bed. But I would sues the series. Shadows as stand up main areas is always room. About what's his extraordinary successes freeway. Generated from Thursday Herat and you guys out here like this after regulation and see the pro tools necessary. Aaron. Partly due for the birthday. We're right where I actually very you know there's it's terrible I was celebrates raises. Okay we'll this is your okay yeah Bob once in 6436 NASA story got a British an alum so my in my appreciation out of when he got to go. Want to burn hospital mock up. OK sir and the lady lady I've months what I was so he read his in my. And I miss you and hey William nation as a lot of people's right to play you lay out loving girls ages. Averages Zumaya had a birthday. Tomorrow now we we got initiatives like it was right. He does admit I was make Maine passed listening Daniel crazy may actually staying and hasn't all right Barnaby was evident irritation out and. I'd do it should be backstage at times at press. It was painful part. Postal to that's right yeah you what it's April 5 on the birthday is April he's out he's. Unless. I don't look well what did you Sarah's name. Saying okay all right as was up all right now how busy today. Point oh okay still young man made ones was sitting on our heels on bills he's going on this a little kids and a camp I was just gonna brown. It RB. Thank you mama Lee and British he's an excellent files. Our loved. My tablets and 6436 NASA's storied British at NASA series season I get a British guy that was so. Yeah that went bad elaborate or else we'll give less. I'm going on. Our big cap. A little. One and no it. Okay and during the Jane okay necessarily look had our way in any earlier however. It actually I'm dancing girls appreciated. I want to six point 36 NASA surrealistic to put plus the cost 66 coming it was easy south followed up.