Birthday Shout Outs - March 16, 2017

Thursday, March 16th


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All 512643. 963 foot birdie that I was. They shout out the most positive is segment on the radio you know is almost like guys here this. Until slightly as some breakfast club okay probably itself six point 36 63 this is village after. Afternoon about famously dangled over station had gas we not only take flu season and a face in the news. Six point 36 63 got a bird I miss high C season turned out birthday shadow OK with somebody got shot out. Yet I murmur. Some lemonade. OK Debra okay what happened. And it works OK mark yeah he's Alec investigating the problem you know and it never did a great job. I knew it would you do anything as we get. I'm. Back let's. Take eaten over a barbecued. Hard since Herbert OK let you know she does she need to celebrate now we know she's. Are ever so. Nicholas shadow to Deborah. A wonderful woman indeed in how we got together peas. In here and ha. Easily just by six foot 36 NASA exterior body is on hold just keep all you gotta British generals don't know. Thank god that we here at my flat day. C a low front yard and we don't try to get apple to. Okay here in New York Toronto wrapped an okay you got Twitter Emery is a grand shed our real quick. We encrypt the grabbing name is what's key to see in his case. All right let me look. And I and I grabbed eight. At W ball. And anybody. But me at a key on the court today for eight homes. Today. For a guy who. OK okay yeah I'm ready Nokia you'll be safe and Austin okay. And that's also yes. All right that was unexpected build an army alone you don't Barbie Elmo look at. Barbie held down OK. Okay Mardy hold on okay hold on it. Do you get to shadow I was going oh. You get you guys. And I'll write out your precious Angel and it was David today. It on them outside to depression Graham maybe we got you tickets info. Thank you welcome all right I six point three success story I appreciate you held in Denver they sent out. What are the you know go in you. Yeah yeah a part bench. Waiting on a commercial. A school okay tomorrow would you bless him and who wins and and I want to let the mayor Shirley. I'm in here. And I think we'll dot and I think bullet shot. The hassles Ike is loves it's I mean is it is rare in an issue in his movement is reciprocated it's a wonderful things we appreciate it. OK okay sedated and do okay acted as the ball off placements will be subjected to a guy. And had a university Alan via. All right 636 not six or appreciate your child and I get a shadow which again. They both issues you can't folk we got we should announce. Yeah. From triple. The usual and you don't know open and okay what's and he's. Yeah and it's your general public interest group. ATA SATA sustainable to have emergency Kampala may yet be safe and gamblers appreciating our. Printer that's us sorry. Rice export three success story I shall turn to get a British and Alison out. So. It was don't know Mo money got a British and out there. You amber. And I aren't sports a mama names. Thirty. Okay read right at Bieber dates a reader what Asian gang. Here all okay the well this is a beautiful miracle. OK. Okay I eat yes eat your mother has a great way name and its legislature immediately Brothers or sisters and well listing names. What's his name. Clearly okay we'll did you name is much better miracle now. Slain. While it was an axiom mama read in in the anymore we appreciated OK. Welcome back. See store for details. I would just about to jump into the mix when Vijay sure is mixing six coming up at 6 PM a real quick six point 36 not X three. You. Said. An outlook. Of the year I would go back. How do they do they know it at that up on it militant group and they eat eat our meals in Italy and Jay is not easy yeah. On balance it and I'm okay I said nasty yellow numbers we've got to it's like yeah. Export receipts and Essex 31 more young British and ask what do some pretty hard as Brady today. Fourteen it was doomed any represented. Who made a middle eight mustang nation my nation need to do and OK what's entertainment. OK we got Jim focus had been imports into.