Birthday Shout Outs (March 15) with Snupe Daniel

Thursday, March 16th


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43963. Foot birdie that I. I six point 36 now. Six storyline and a memory knew Daniel and afternoons but alas it was into belated happy birthday shout out so much money Sean called. It was halo with those who was at SeaWorld for three back in the day mission on col below one nanny on. There's music sales is just great dude come on girls Claudia Roca. Claudia row there's been noticed from from day one I've seen worse yeah Arianna. City it was a birthday ICC's standout young beautiful TV and I'm not miss somebody else but we'll figure it out yeah. I guess 64 Missouri six NASA Surrey is our number you gotta. Right they shadow. I. Is you came close we got. What was you get ready to shut out. Well okay he says Imus earned eighty got a birthday shout out was up. Yeah I expect. You can write a somber day okay how does it today. Eight years old OK still may go sell made some years away can be a double digits me if you're doing a great job well was in ninth. EU AW welcome in a Q and heavy on the HTT info we got you okay. Welcome back. Seaweed we patiently until we are I army police and army says while does the dignity army Denver dish it out also. This is a moment you. You are not individually. I'm very dynamic and take I'll let you. Hey are you may get a British and I was going. I is my baby burly man yellowish happy and attend. A hang themselves secrecy rent our movies now Marmol is about to graduate that's the big ones yeah illegals and get it out there going yeah what. Maybe what I'll let god and mrs. grandiose. OK I feel sorry I was so little RG this was cozy rivers in. Ali I'd school. OK okay delegates are not meg got Connolly American as my feed was right there domains mama okay we did some good yeah that's all guys. I definitely nation thank you are. A great price export three successive Surrey Denver dish it out. Oh we got a red days and Alice you got one. I do know I have a buyer paid out out of the world's greatest mother in the whole wide world. It is she lacked the skills high seas zoo. See if I have crises I want to wish my mother's lawyer Barack. I am very happy said Indians. Start say he's led the. Beautiful it is for loud pop off paying them any sound you at first birthday and the day Jed is that usually. Editor. At an outlet and all the way out but election you put that in there from Tracy. Ricky remain there was undone for rather. We've got to cheddar man and then math and got some plans for lead now how can you don't know on environmental critics might be it. I bet he's a delegate lead he again lady again ladies game and I cousins AG Edwards is the amount was again be a beautiful person I know. It here thank you back. Six point. Classic sorry Denver they set out. She's not really wanna hear what color weather radio I'm busy I don't know what I do he can't get. Do indicate to you guys. Yet if it soundness of thousands is little overcast it's six talent and a 963 armed be listened to us online news you opt to uniting the world I am. Being. I'm actually my need to eat well I'd let you eat that Bob. On idol I get a lot. They tell yeah look at New York. This is a guy ate it YC you got you got a chicken because I love there's a close putt well is not people's tally 79 great people. Are. How girls sold out those data hunter too but I'm so glad you set up first to wow OK while I'm. He let me let me tell you it. I come out until another court and yeah our group lost. An epidemic. It is trading. At duke rape and I you know. I play a little. Bit more than where do you take that heroically admirably. I'll tell you oh all right peace as I get have to play a couple of more is when you don't buy it ship it tomorrow. Any real good at it the old school fast. States and those looks at 516 and got you definitely we have our New York's Penn keep its that's what are let me study. I six point 36 necessary ID yet say thank you filed a million British and that's who. A mother nature are smaller over the power. She served eight years so. Okay is our hope and actually it Anemia which receives came published we represent. Are. Her cherry red screwed okay all right Wayne middle in the building we appreciate him bunt and okay all right Allison Malkin and let the analysts go to commercial bank this you know Latin memorex and Daniels on students. It's like yeah you're. I'll introduce us to play army was not against Denver did you announces. Not as safe as the credit so volatile. Yeah okay are there. Okay this was so Barnum of Ford Explorer are still beautiful luggage which mama's business out there revise these. Don't mind this Villaraigosa he's earning well in other engineers corns. No blacks no news oh my god. What did you okay what he's a year ago a year names. Okay my you know grade daughter. He ranks the amount 121 all right and beautiful we appreciate young gang worker. Was the kind of stuff. Thank you Matthew.