Birthday Shout Outs - March 13, 2017

Monday, March 13th


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Call 5126436963. Foot birdie that I was. Hi it's hi. He's been involved. 6436963. Got to bring a shout out what would you lap it three and money do rad days six point 36 Essex 3 march 13 birthday shout out she got to get a Mitt. I let's go to the finals was about to get birthdays. You gag era. And marathon. So willow grove affirmed. This policy today. He or her. Own she's okay how do you. And I. Agreed older sister colony in the ground. And my Brothers is that I was Hibbert a shadow on the radio I mean you really down for me thank you can vote. Okay now what did you closest is now and again. They're everything. Out what's your name. I haven't been okay our happy birthday to camp assisted them eight and and mini me anymore we appreciate you girls. And then the back there with him and Daniel. I went by. It. You. And room meetings. Hot. Pop up at 636. 63 and it's legal and she wasn't he got a British alpha. And actually is that there was a Denver they set out. What I'm not so we shout out to I want. I am I yeah. I can't thank him and on. About in my current. Sam Young is okay. I've I'll Monday's awfully much you might increase well it's just an effervescent boy you haven't innocent men and boys a beautiful clean ones okay so I took over they sat out of all the markets is a party and John how fine. She's listening to radio will be Thomas and all right well I had a British GQ but we got a girl okay I'll give you what Nancy. All right six point 36 nasty story all mean it again I got a British at outlets. 101. Again after not bad. Op. Lol cool. Like today it is OK let's. I don't know my. Yeah. She all. I imagine that's what Danica might. Not mean you know my guys. I think it only. Add to the team that wins in this. It what is your name. Oh yeah. Oh to hang enough. OK so I'm not a bad EC notion that this is our own moon already. Happy birthday to you DD. And a half a hot I she'd it's not like tiny from two I only clothes she multi will be back available now the south by.