Birthday Shout Outs - March 10, 2017

Friday, March 10th


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We don't beat him today he exhibited that battle Wheatley. But we need a birthday shout out and in 6436. That's 63 celebrity birthday shot. As jasmine guys. Safety Wheatley from a different world Eagles signed constantly and imported by. I'm what is the greatest produces false. Missy Elliott Jody seized Scalia makes it runs odds Justin Timberlake boycott today at Robin stage. Even though he's been accused of abusing him a politician style with. I was going to get in the past today on his birthday before and we give them up as we need forty years old. Happy birthday thank you text each album and stuff like six foot 36 six story got a British. Six more 366. Garay aren't you got a British that was. Actor Mara black and get prepared. Today and stand up. Home and this is ultimate week in years has been saying he says. Our planet anymore. Hey what are their names. Nick how are abandoning. Okay what's your name. I'm Mickey sneaky we appreciate you happy birthday CQ folks tablets out these days and have a great week in okay. And he will Duma. Already got a great show yeah. I. Well. I don't wanna. Do we got okay W yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Asia it again. Thank you Jim. I. Met a man who's who jammed and. Will we go and make it but. I six point 366 story you got a British Dallas. Yeah you know that apart so yeah happy guy. One question he might play one mile aren't beating eighteen which he really lost cousin Bubba maybe. You shouldn't. I meant agreed that day. That it might basic thing. That he. Key key. We know. Birthday shout outs like in this whole life you need can whip him right there. Do you mean you can't anybody. She got me and so we don't wanna want to know how well and I'm like. Q how but I love it out and he actually had even heard it they say at least 68. They don't notices that you schacknow we appreciate you guys I. C thanking Bob. Jags outlook sue six point 36 NASA extreme right station as I appreciate Zain at least an answer would emerge craziness. Math and eastern tip about tomorrow or this Bloomberg data is weak in. And it. Now one of the sweetest souls and colleagues yanks miss Lola bombard Dave IC season marks. On. Her. I'll gain okay gadget OK okay civil as a Marshal limits OK we got to a syndicate called chasing.